Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Front Row

On Sunday, May 14, 2017, Louis Vuitton presented its Women’s Cruise 2018 Collection at the Miho Museum in Kyoto, Japan. Creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere has a long history of celebrity friends, and this show was no exception. He had a large group of celebrity supporters sitting front row to cheer him on. Everyone from Michelle Williams to Jennifer Connelly were there to watch the show. Here’s a look at some of the standout looks from the show.

Michelle Williams


Michelle wore a dress from the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. It is very similar to Riley Keough’s front row outfit, and I think the fit around the top sits weirdly. I wish she styled it a little more because it is very plain.

Isabelle Hupert


The French actress wore pieces from the Pre Fall 2017 Collection. I love the whole look with the sunglasses. She makes it look very effortless and the sunglasses add to the overall cool look.

Riley Keough


Riley wore a dress from the F/W 2017 Collection. It is practically the same dress that Michelle wore, but in a different color. Riley’s look had a fuzzy cape on the back of it, and she chose to style it with the brand’s knee high boots. I like the way Riley styled her dress alot better than Michelle’s. It is a lot edgier and cooler, and loved the way she did her hair.

Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer also wore a look from the F/W Collection. I love this blue two piece, and the color complements her very well. I wish she would have worn the belt on the pants, or just taken it off completely because it distracts from the overall look.

Laura Harrier


Laura wore a look from the F/W Collection. I love how she decided to not wear the exact runway look by opting to wear just the shirt under with the pants. The crop top works very well with the grey pants, and gives it a youthful vibe.

Sophie Turner


Sophie wore an outfit from the F/W Collection. I love the matching set on her and how she chose to wear it so it looked like one piece. I think the matching pattern of the bag is actually cute with the look, and her bun makes it playful and fun.

My best dressed were Sophie Turner and Riley Keough. Who were yours?

(All images from Fashionista.com)


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