Street Style Looks of the Week: March 26, 2017

Street Style is always my favorite way to get fashion or outfit inspiration. I love looking at what people are wearing around the city, and incorporating some elements of what I like into my personal wardrobe. Celebrity street style is sometimes exciting, especially if the celebrity actually dresses themselves. Most high profile celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez use stylists for their everyday outfits, so you cannot really see their own personal style. Here’s some street style moments from the past week from celebrities who do not need stylists to dress themselves.

Alexa Chung Out in New York City


Blogger Alexa Chung has always been one of my favorite fashion inspirations. Her style is so cool and she really stays true to her own personal style. In this outfit, she combines prints I would not think to wear together which are her cheetah print boots and her plaid beret. They work surprisingly well together and its the perfect outfit for the weird winter/spring New York weather recently.

Reese Witherspoon Leaving her Office in Beverly Hills


I love the pops of color she chose to pair with this outfit. Her bright pink shoes match her bright blue bag, and her lipstick even adds to the whole outfit. I also love the effortless look of this whole ensemble that the pink leather jacket adds.

Jaime King in Los Angeles


I really love this whole look because it’s laid back but also somewhat preppy. I’m obsessed with her Gucci loafers, and the cropped jeans complement them very well.

Daisy Ridley Going to Lunch in Beverly Hills


This outfit does not work for me, and if she just changed one thing I would have loved it. For me, if she had worn jeans instead of this mid-length skirt, it would’ve been a cute look. The shoes just do not work with the skirt, so she should have gone with the casual look, or added some sandals or wedges to compliment the skirt.

Dakota Johnson Shopping in Beverly Hills


Dakota is also has one of my favorite street styles. It is similar to Alexa’s, but it always looks very put together and simple. I like how she kept it casual in a DARE tee, and cropped black jeans. The loafers work well with her jeans as well. I think sneakers would have worked better, but it’s still a cute look.

Kim Kardashian in Westlake Village


This whole outfit is really something. I am not of this outfit at all. The knit dress looks a size too big, and the knee high snake skin boots clash with the length. She does not look comfortable in this, and it should not be worn again.

My favorite street style look is definitely Alexa Chung. Which of these outfits do you like the best?

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